Changing Lives


How do Centers for Independent Living Change Lives? These Oregonians with disabilities are glad you asked!

”The combination of the Brain Train program and peer-support/counseling from Abilitree has shown me that I don’t have to settle for the pre-accident me. I am a major car accident survivor and community college student.”

“I moved into a senior assisted-living complex in Grants Pass. One of the first things I was concerned about was transportation to doctor and dental appointments. I telephoned HASL and a van arrived with a trained, courteous driver. The advantage of having prompt, secure and safe transportation has relieved the stress of getting to scheduled appointments. “

LILA assisted me with updating my resume and encouraged me to review all my employment options. As a widow and mother of three, I was very happy to land a job and moved into a new home with room for my children.”

“Because of the service I receive from SPOKES I enjoy living on my own. Had they not helped my family and me with this process I probably would have been placed in an adult foster home.”

UVDN gave more to me than information and advocacy; they provided transportation for me to appointments that were non-medical but important to my independence. UVDN provided family services, which helped my family be able to help me as long as they did.”

“One day changed my life. I was arrested on drug charges. During my incarceration I tested positive for HIV. I contacted EOCIL and they assisted me with developing independent living goals. Today, I am a very different person. I live a life of sobriety and I am healthy. I am business owner and volunteer in my community.”