Breaking News! AOCIL has settled a lawsuit with the Oregon Department of Transportation regarding crosswalk safety

The Association of Oregon Centers for Independent Living (AOCIL) is an Oregon statewide association representing a network of 7 accredited Centers for Independent Living (CILs).

The Association of Oregon Centers for Independent Living’s (AOCIL) mission is to lead the consumer driven Independent Living Movement by supporting Centers of Independent Living, engaging in systems advocacy, community education, and the development of collaborative partnerships.

AOCIL values the basic human rights of dignity, equality, inclusion and independence for all people with disabilities.

AOCIL History:

AOCIL started as a peer support mechanism in 1999 for CIL executive directors.  In 2005, AOCIL incorporated and emerged as the leader in the Oregon Independent Living Movement.

AOCIL Board of Directors:

Board President:
Barry Fox-Quamme, Executive Director for ILR

Vice President:
Sheila Thomas, Executive Director for LILA

Board Secretary:
Curtis Raines, Executive Director for SPOKES

W. Kirt Toombs, Chief Executive Officer for EOCIL

Members at large:
Randy Samuelson, Executive Director for HASL
Greg Sublett, Director of Operations for Abilitree
Matt Droscher, Executive Director for UVdN